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Unique Value Propositions

  • Cost effectiveness from our global business model
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Welcome to Dr. Reddy's Custom Pharmaceutical Services

Custom Pharmaceutical Services draws on Dr. Reddy's expertise and capabilities in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing to provide innovators with customized services and solutions for starting materials, intermediates, active ingredients and finished dosage form.

The days of long deadlines and large budgets are a thing of the past and that means your business has to change, and change quickly to adopt a smarter and faster way of working. It needs the Power of Now™ from a world-leading CDMO. A place where decision-making chains are shortened, lead times reduced, paper trails condensed and the route from clinical to commercial supply accelerated.

Dr. Reddy's Custom Pharmaceutical Services brings you the Power of Now™ with world-class Chiral Technology, HPAPIs, activated mPEGs and Formulation Services. We recognise the world of pharma has moved on. Our customers choose CPS for reactive, proven and cost-efficient innovation that delivers results.

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