We have development facilities in Hyderabad, India and Cambridge, UK. cGMP manufacturing facilities in India, USA, Mexico and UK. Fully back-integrated offerings with an assurance of quality supply, multi-location operation flexibility and continuous cost optimization.

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Small Molecule

  • Our capabilities include contained (Highly potent APIs) and non-contained APIs at laboratory, pilot and production scales. We have the expertise to perform standard chemical reactions, route scouting, process development and optimization, QbD implementation, solid state characterization, polymorph screening, chiral chemistry, biocatalysis and chemocatalysis.
  • Complemented by a fully integrated offering across key starting materials, intermediates, APIs and finished formulations, we are able to accelerate the time to market for our customers on time and on budget


  • As an integrated HPAPI partner, we have the best-in-class infrastructure and practices for R&D and cGMP manufacturing. Occupational Exposure Band (OEB) and Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) based controls for workers, material, machines and environment.


  • Our in-depth scientific knowledge and understanding of solid, solution and hybrid phase of peptides synthesis makes us the ideal partner for your next peptides project.
  • Capabilities include: downstream purification, isolation, impurity profiling and physicochemical characterization. Linear and branched chain peptides and derivatives with steroids, lipids, PEGs and carbohydrates.
  • Access to unnatural amino acid building blocks via asymmetric hydrogenation or biocatalysis.


Our expertise in complex multi-step carbohydrates involving linear and convergent synthesis include:

  • Selective protection and de-protection, control of selectivity in moisture sensitive glycosylations, handling of triflates, azide transfer and oxidations.
  • Use of glycosyl donors like SMe, STolyl, SEt, Trichloroacetimidates, Sulphoxides.
  • Downstream purification and isolation involving water soluble intermediates.
  • Monosaccharides, Polysaccharides, Iminosugars, Carbocyclic sugars, Nucleosides, Locked nucleic acids (LNA), Glycopeptides and Thioglycosides and Nucleosides containing ribose, deoxyribose, Fluorine and methyl sugars.

Activated mPEGs

CPS is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of cGMP grade Activated mPEGs for the conjugation of proteins, antibody fragments and peptides to improve the stability and pharmo-kinetic properties of biologic drugs. With outstanding cGMP capabilities and back integration to high purity mPEG-OH we can guarantee the quality, consistency and security of supply of our activated mPEG products. Our product range has the following characteristics:

  • Varied activating groups including Maleimide, pNP-carbonate, propionaldehyde, Amine, NHS ester, iodoacetamide, thiol etc.
  • Full range of molecular weights; from 2 to 40 kDa.
  • Excellent levels of activation.
  • Low Diol content.
  • cGMP manufacture from lab to commercial scale.
  • High success rate in designing synthetic route to customized activated mPEGs
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure for analytical characterizations including impurity profiling and other characterizations.
  • Specialize in linear activated mPEGs.
  • Proprietary technology to manufacture mPEG alcohol by polymerization.


  • Dedicated facility for human and veterinary steroids. Expertise in multi-step reactions, multiple module manufacturing, availability of stainless steel, glass-lined and Hastelloy C reactors.
  • State-of-the-art reaction system to handle cryogenic reactions below to -150 ºC.
  • Proficient in handling organo-metallic reagents, oxidations, reductions, hydrogenations, protection-deprotection and cryogenic reactions.

Ligands & Catalysts

Dr. Reddy’s has secured worldwide exclusive licenses for the DuPHOS/BPE family of asymmetric hydrogenation ligands for use in pharmaceutical applications.  We have been developing these ligand and catalyst systems since 1995 in order to broaden both their commercial application and our readiness to use the technology for new opportunities.
  • High activities at low catalyst loadings
  • Excellent chemoselectivities for specific reaction models
  • Asymmetric hydrogenations of various unsaturated substrates


  • From ideation to execution we cover all elements of a formulation including packaging design and development.
  • Wide range of dosage forms, enabling technologies for improving bioavailability, custom drug release products like orally disintegrating tablets, modified release oral solids, sustained release injections etc. and seamless integration with API activities (new or approved APIs).
  • We offer services for contained and non-contained drugs in oral solid dosage forms, sterile products like injections, nasal solutions, ophthalmic products etc.
  • Expertise in ‘fit-for-purpose’ development programs like Pre-clinical and First-in-human.
Our range of dosage forms include:


  • Re-constitutable liquids
  • Ready-use powders
  • Sprinkles
  • In bottles or sachets


  • Monolayer
  • Bilayer
  • Trilayer


  • Tablet-in-capsule
  • Pellet-in-capsule
  • Powder-in-capsule
  • Capsule-in-capsule
  • Liquid-in-capsule (Hard gelatin)
  • Liquid-in-capsule (soft gelatin)
  • Combinations of above

Liquid injections

  • Vials, ampules and pre-filled syringes

Lyophilised injections

  • Vials

Sterile liquids

  • Solutions or suspensions for ophthalmic, nasal and optic use in vials or fill-form-seal packs
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